Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair

Elizabeth here…This new adventure of mine started back in January when my mom got a text message from my very berry special Camp Rainbow Fairy.  She said she thought I should check into applying and send in an audition tape for this National Youth  Ambassador for Hyundai Hope on Wheels.  They were looking for two new childhood  cancer survivors as their new ambassadors and she thought it sounded like something I would love to do!  She was so right!  I had just got back from visiting my GeeGee for Christmas.  We have a little tradition (me and my GeeGee).  She is a hairdresser and so I always have her dye the ends of my hair blue at Christmas time.  It’s our little thing, so this year was no different.  I had blue hair and was wearing my favorite bacon and eggs shirt.  I was ready to film my audition video!  My mom got a little bossy and wanted me to put on a cute dress and hide my blue hair, but I had other plans and decided to film my own video my own way.  When I finished it we thought it was perfectly me so we submitted it not to mention it was the last day to apply.  Weeks went by and I didn’t think they were going to call.  But then my mom got a call saying I was a finalist and that the board of directors for Hyundai had to vote and they would let me know in a few days.  A few days came and went.  I got a little bummed, I thought I got so close but it just didn’t work out this time.  But then a week and a half later we got the call!  There were kids from all of the United States that applied for the job and I was the lucky girl selected as new Hyundai Hope on Wheels National Girl Youth Ambassador!  I literally had film crews at my house by the weekend.  My mom and I were flying to LA for photo shoots and media training for an upcoming satellite media tour I would be doing in New York City as I was presented to the world at the New York City Car Show and oh yeah I would be on a billboard in Times Square!  I couldn’t believe it!  I still can’t believe it!  I am so excited to share my story across the country this year with kids who are going through cancer and need to hear a message about Hope.  I am excited to share my message with them and how I am here to help fight for them!

Here’s my audition video and how it all started… 

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