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We are all ready for the weekend!

Super Duper ExCiTeD for MUD RUN tomorrow!  GO TEAM EBB!!  I will keep you posted on if this Mama  survives the mud…

After a long day at the shop, We are all ready for Funday Sunday at Vintage Style for a Spring Chick Festival with Slime, Glitter Eggs and Live Chick Photos!  Lots of new amazing items!  


Vintage Style

Sunday – 10-4

5202 N. 7th Street, Phoenix 85014

Two Things…


Elizabeth’s Weather Report…”Nothing but Rainbows in sight!”

We also think this should say EBB LIVE!

Thank you Channel 12 and Ms. Science!!!

Are You a Real Wizard?


Although, wizards are considered magical creators of fantasy, if you know Elizabeth, she had to find out for herself if wizards are truly real.    At five years old, she is not only super duper awesome but she is also super duper curious!  So, how does one find out an answer to such a question?  Well, you ask a so-called wizard, right?  And it just so happens, EBB has a little connection with getting in touch with a so-called Disney Wizard.  EBB received a very magical phone call that she has REALLY been looking forward to for a long time!  WOW!  We knew it was coming we just didn’t know when.  It could not have come at a better time.  Elizabeth has been such a champ with all her chemotherapy this week.  When I say champ, I mean it!  She has had A LOT of medicine this week that has come in the form of sleepy medicine, spinal injections, lots a pokies in her port with chemo twice in the last 5 days, pill chemotherapy daily, in addition to all the other meds she is on for her inflamed stomach lining and her two mouth care rinses, three times a day.  There are even more meds on the weekends.  One thing about Elizabeth is that I never have to ask her twice to take her medicine, she doesn’t fuss, she doesn’t complain but those shots are really awful and really hurt her.  The tears flow, and I feel terrible giving them to her.  But the pain I experience in my heart having to give her those shots doesn’t compare to what she must live and experience each and every single day with this stupid cancer.  She deserves all the magic in the world because she should not have to be kicking cancer in the buttcrack at five years old.  No child should!  Today was OH! OH! OH! It’s magic, Ya know.  Daddy came home for lunch, with a sparklicious surprise!  The phone rang and there on the other end was, a true television wizard, David Henrie!!  Yep, that’s right, David Henrie, which many of you know as Justin from Disney’s, Wizards of Waverly Place called up Elizabeth today!!!  DH is down with EBB!  EBB was so ExCiTeD!!!  She loves that show!  She watches it all of the time with her brother and sister.  David was so sweet and they spoke for quite some time.

After saying hello and introductions, EBB got down to business and asked him her first and most important question…

”Are you a real wizard?”  She also wanted to know if he was going to the Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards and if he thought he would get slimed.  He asked her a couple of questions as well like if she had a favorite character on the show?  He also asked if she liked Justin Bieber?  It completely made her day in the biggest way!  So he did tell her that he is not a wizard in real life, just on the show, but David Henrie if you read this, I want you to know that you added super duper magic to a little girls life today that caused a super duper sparklicious smile bigger than I’ve ever seen.  You helped her forget about cancer and taking medicines and shots, today.   The fact that you took time out of your busy day to make this phone call to our beautiful daughter means the world to her and to us.  It tells us how beautiful of a person you truly are.  As you know, childhood cancer does not discriminate towards any family.  It turns lives upside down.  My husband and I really appreciate your beautiful heart.  What you did for Elizabeth today was magicial and for that we believe, you, David Henrie, are definitely a true magical wizard!  Thank you from deep within our hearts for calling today and thank you Linda Henrie for making it happen.  It means more than you know.

You down with EBB?

Yeah, you know me!

Who’s down with EBB

David Henrie!!!

With super duper love,

The Blair’s

Brooke, Heidi, Bryce Kate and Elizabeth





Each day it’s…

Each day it’s the same flashback.  We all walked into the house full of smiles on our faces.  We just had a fun and delicious dinner at Pei Wei together.  The kids all decided to make tons of soda bubbles as they mixed all the sodas together to create quite a drink that night.  And it was quite a drink!  I had bubbles myself that night with a nice cold beer, and it’s a good thing, too.  I can tell you what table we sat at and where each one of us were seated.  I can tell you that Elizabeth was wearing the cutest blue flowered headband holding her blond hair back away from her sparkling blue eyes.   I remember sitting there discussing with Brooke, how anxious we were to get the results from Elizabeth’s biopsy.  We sat and assured each other it would be nothing, but in my heart I knew it was.  I didn’t take my phone to dinner that night.  Probably for good reason, because we needed to enjoy that last dinner together before our lives would be turned so entirely upside down.  The call I missed is a call I will never forget.  As we walked into the house, I began instructing the kids to go and get ready for bed, but about mid-sentence, I looked down and saw that I missed a call from the doctor’s office at 7:10pm.  It was now 7:27 and I stood there frozen starring at my phone.  I remembered thinking, a phone call from your doctor at 7pm at night does not make for a good message.  I then listened to the message, which asked us to call back as soon as we could.  My hands started to tingle, my face went numb, my knees became weak and I tried to blink, but could not.  As all three of my kids stood there starring at me in the kitchen, I handed the phone to Brooke to return the call.  As he listened to the other end, my heart was in a panic, there was a lump in my throat the size of a grapefruit.  My heart felt like it was going to literally beat straight through my chest.  He kept repeating those words, Lymphoma or Leukemia, Lymphoma, or Leukemia, Lymphoma or Leukemia.  He then fell to his knees in the middle of our kitchen floor, with his head not able to look up at me.  As he finally, looked up with his eyes full of tears, he barely got the words to roll across his lips, “It’s cancer, Heidi.  They are not sure at this point what kind, but they do know that it is either a Lymphoma or Leukemia.  We need to take Elizabeth to Phoenix Children’s right now.”  Brooke left for the hospital with Elizabeth.   But, the most vivid part of this horrifying moment is the look that I saw in Elizabeth’s eyes as she turned to walk out the door that night with her daddy.  The look in her eyes of being so scared, so terrified because she whole heartedly knew how scared her mama and dada were.   I waited for the babysitter to arrive for Bryce and Kate.  Pacing back and forth in the kitchen as I was crying, I looked up and saw Bryce and Kate crying too.  I really wish everyday, that my children where not in the room that night to witness that phone call.   As horrifying as it was, I can’t imagine how horrified as a child it must have been to see your parents breaking down, just completely losing it.  It was the worst moment of our lives.  Now, that moment haunts me daily.  Every time I take a shower, it replays over and over in my head.  Every time, I lay down at night in bed, it replays over and over in my head.  It haunts me in my sleep and it haunts me as I walk through the day.  I still get the lump in my throat and the rapid beating of my heart each time.  It will be 7 months on Sunday, since that night when Elizabeth told her daddy on the way to the hospital that is was going to be okay and that she was ready to die.  Haunting words forever.  I can assure you that Elizabeth is not ready to die.  She has too much to still do!   She is going to take on this world in a way no one has ever seen.  I will tell you, we are definitely doing much better today than we were on that night.

We are 7 months into kicking cancer in the buttcrack.  Elizabeth did not make counts for her chemotherapy this week but next week watch out, she will once again kick it good!  That chemo burns her from the inside to the out.   It’s horrible poison.  Normally her hands and bottoms of her feet get really dry and sore.  I usually just rub lotion on them constantly, but it has gotten a little worse each treatment.  She got bright red burns and blisters and sores between all of her fingers and behind her ears, last week.  We had been fighting off fevers, as well, which we knew would land her in the hospital if they got too high.  Luckily they never did and although the break this week has been nice, we are really looking forward to Monday when she will hopefully be able to start the second part of the 4th phase and then onto her maintence therapy for two years.   Getting through the intense chemo will be a huge relief although we do still have a long road ahead of us.  The doctors say that if you manage to stay in remission for 5 years, the cancer is most likely not coming back, however, there are possibilities of other cancers that can occur from the chemotherapies and radiation in the future, not to mention the fertility issues.  I try not to go there and continue to think positive (my motto from the beginning, ya know).

On a lighter note, the kids have been on Spring Break this week and went on Channel 12 news with Ms. Science on Monday, which required us to get up and around at 4:00am to be at the station by 5am.  It was super duper early, but the kids had super duper amounts of fun making 3D bubble blowers for National Bubble Week and being on TV!  They LOVED that!  It was our first outing in awhile.  We have been living in our own bubble lately, not going out or doing much.   We are trying to keep Elizabeth healthy during the bulk of cold and flu season, because with a very low ANC, getting a little cold can mean a hospital stay, which is unfortunately why we were not able to go to the run last weekend.

Although I have not posted on here, I have been extremely busy working on EBB Foundation “stuff” and I am looking forward to this new EBB project that I have been working so hard on, which I hope will spread beautiful bubbles about childhood cancer to many many super duper hearts.  I feel I am slowly coming out of my grieving state of mind and I am trying to form a little bit of a routine again in our home.  I feel like I can drive a car and actually concentrate on driving, where before that was not so easy of a task.  I feel like I can take a bubble bath and feel like I am not sitting in a bathtub full of my own tears.  Life is getting a little easier with everything, which is a really nice feeling.  But, please never forget there are still children being diagnosed and dying everyday.  So for them, bubble bath full of tears or not, I am committed to this cause for life.  But you knew that.

The following are some up and coming ways you can help support EBB Foundation.  Many thanks and super duper love to you all!


March & April:

Week night meals for The Blairs

A meal schedule on the website foodtidings.com has a calendar available to bring meals until Elizabeth’s treatment is finished. You can use this link to access their calendar-



March 18th, Sunday:

Margaritas at Heidi’s House

The much anticipated launch of Ava Rose Designs Home Shows!

The first home show will be at the home of

Heidi Blair from 1-3pm

Stop by for margaritas and a chance to view and purchase the darling clothes!

50 West Marshall Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85013

A portion of the proceeds benefiting EBB Foundation



March 25th:

An Acoustic Evening with Jim Atkins

Jim Atkins along with Michelle Blades and Matt Thornton will be giving an acoustic performance at the

Cresent Ballroom, Phoenix 8:00pm

$12.00 – $15.00

21 and Over

Click on the link below to purchase tickets for this event.


Proceeds will benefit EBB Foundation!


March 31st, Saturday

LoziLu Women’s 5K Mud Run

What is it you ask??? A fabulously fun trail 5k filled with exhilarating obstacles and a party to continue the celebration while benefiting Leukemia & Lymphoma research and survivorship.  Go to http://www.lozilu.com for more info on the event.

Who is WE?? Team GOT EBB???

We are running in honor of Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair, a beautiful five year old battling Stage IV Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

What is EBB?? It’s the movement inspired by Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair (EBB)! It’s more than wanting to kick cancer in the knee. It’s appreciating the simple pleasures of life. www.gotebb.com

SO, do YOU have EBB???

IF SO, please join us for a REALLY FUN time! We will be allowing Elizabeth to help plan our outfits and NOTHING is too sparkly or pinkalicious or rainbowey (love that word!) for her!

Here is what you need to sign up:

Go to http://www.lozilu.com

Team Name: GOT EBB???

Password: gotebb

Wave Time:  Pick any time still available-they will make sure to put our entire team in the same wave time!

$59 provides you a super sweet stainless steel LoziLu water bottle, a stylish headband, fun, snacks, beverages, an adult beverage*, a LoziLu gym towel for your “salon treatment” (that’s a mud bath followed by a shower), bonding with the GFs, stickers, free event photos, and a DJ hosted party to shake your groove thang. LoziLu is kind of a sweet deal for all day entertainment.

We are a team of 40+ members!! We are attempting to win the award for Largest Team…Please pass it on to anyone and everyone you think would have a great time!


April 1st, Sunday

Vintage Style presents A Spring Chick Festival

Photos with live chicks, Glitter Easter Eggs EBB Style, and Make Slime with Ms. Science.  Proceeds go to benefit the EBB Foundation

5202 N. 7th St., Phoenix 10-4

Call to make your photo reservations through INVU Portraits at 602-509-4945.  Reservations not required, but recommended.

PCH Elizabeth Magazine Cover by iCreate


Check out this video made of Elizabeth.  It’s Super Duper!

Stuff you can get for $400 BIG ONES!


Elizabeth was recently told that one of her splatter paintings from our recent Friday night paint party in the backyard was worth the price tag of $400.00 big ones!  At five years old, EBB has also been offered a prime spot at a local Scottsdale Art Gallery!  The painting was already donated to PCH and they did not want to part with it.  Can you blame them!  EBB can assure them that the price tag of $400.00 is way too little when compared to the price tag of priceless.  Elizabeth will happily make another painting and what’s even better is the Art Gallery has agreed to give all proceeds made off her painting back to PCH!  WIN WIN all around.  So the question is what would you do with $400.00?

Stuff you can get for $400 BIG ONES!

  • Trade in the dollars for quarters and get 1200 Gumballs or just throw the quarters at your brother’s head.
  • 10 Vials of the chemotherapy drug Preservative-Free Methotrexate – Oh wait, not possible, have you heard there’s a drug shortageL
  • 8.75% of a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards ticket in the slime zone.  That’s right $3500.00 to walk the orange carpet and get slimed!  This is why Elizabeth has decided to make this her Make a Wish.  Not possible for her otherwise.  Hopefully, she will be medically cleared for next years show.
  • 1,440 (3oz) Packages of Ramen Noodles.  If you like that sort of thing.
  • 3 hours worth of Balloon Animals by Ed Chi.
  • 133 Boxes of Johnson and Johnson Band-Aids.  Unfortunately, band-aids do not always heal all wounds.

We just decided the best thing you can get with $400.00 dollars is none of the above but what about…

  • Register 20 runners for the upcoming Grand Canyon University RUN TO FIGHT CHILDRENS CANCER this Saturday, March 10th.  Join us and Register to run (or walk) with Team EBB!  We will be wearing our “Beauty Comes From Within the Heart” T-shirts!  If you would like to purchase one beforehand, you can do so at Vintage Style.  Located at 5202 N. 7th St. Phoenix!  They are now just $20.00!  Look for the big poster that says TEAM EBB or just follow the trail of glitter.  This run benefits Children’s Cancer Network.  CCN is an amazing organization, which Elizabeth was graciously able to be a part of a fundraiser for today at the AZ Biltmore.  She soooo strutted her stuff down the runway today all in the name of Childhood Cancer.  She super duper shined!  She giggled and glittered like no other!  And man did she GLOW!  And Yep that’s me her proud mama in the background WOOOOOING!  Classy I know!  I just couldn’t help it.  SO PROUD!  Here’s the link to view Elizabeth’s runway walk.

A special RAINBOWLICIOUS SHOUT OUT to several beauties for helping brighten a very difficult week.

The Whetstine Family – Rainbow My Room!  So Freakin’ Awesome!  You all rock!

The Patton Family – For those rainbowlicious Mickey Mouse Necklaces and baseball.

Shana Maczuga (this one is way overdue) OMGOODNESS!  Thank you thank you thank you so much for the beautiful hand crocheted rainbow blanket.  It is so beyond beautiful and by far Elizabeth’s favorite.  It is such a piece of art as well as a strong source of comfort on very difficult days.

The Chester Family – BEST EBB Rainbow Cake EVER!

Coach Robyn Kellner & Softball Team – GO TEAM EBB!!!

I know, I have not thanked everyone personally, but seriously we could not make it through the days without all of you!  You are a blessing in so many ways.  LOVE TO YOU ALL!






Hi Everyone!  …

Hi Everyone!  If you are planning on running in the run on March 10th with Team EBB at Grand Canyon University check this out!  1/2 off registration today on Living Social.  Brooke, the kids and I will all be doing it again!



Hi Everyone!  …

Hi Everyone!  If you are planning on running in the run on March 10th with Team EBB at Grand Canyon University check this out!  1/2 registration today on Living Social


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