Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair


Elizabeth was recently told that one of her splatter paintings from our recent Friday night paint party in the backyard was worth the price tag of $400.00 big ones!  At five years old, EBB has also been offered a prime spot at a local Scottsdale Art Gallery!  The painting was already donated to PCH and they did not want to part with it.  Can you blame them!  EBB can assure them that the price tag of $400.00 is way too little when compared to the price tag of priceless.  Elizabeth will happily make another painting and what’s even better is the Art Gallery has agreed to give all proceeds made off her painting back to PCH!  WIN WIN all around.  So the question is what would you do with $400.00?

Stuff you can get for $400 BIG ONES!

  • Trade in the dollars for quarters and get 1200 Gumballs or just throw the quarters at your brother’s head.
  • 10 Vials of the chemotherapy drug Preservative-Free Methotrexate – Oh wait, not possible, have you heard there’s a drug shortageL
  • 8.75% of a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards ticket in the slime zone.  That’s right $3500.00 to walk the orange carpet and get slimed!  This is why Elizabeth has decided to make this her Make a Wish.  Not possible for her otherwise.  Hopefully, she will be medically cleared for next years show.
  • 1,440 (3oz) Packages of Ramen Noodles.  If you like that sort of thing.
  • 3 hours worth of Balloon Animals by Ed Chi.
  • 133 Boxes of Johnson and Johnson Band-Aids.  Unfortunately, band-aids do not always heal all wounds.

We just decided the best thing you can get with $400.00 dollars is none of the above but what about…

  • Register 20 runners for the upcoming Grand Canyon University RUN TO FIGHT CHILDRENS CANCER this Saturday, March 10th.  Join us and Register to run (or walk) with Team EBB!  We will be wearing our “Beauty Comes From Within the Heart” T-shirts!  If you would like to purchase one beforehand, you can do so at Vintage Style.  Located at 5202 N. 7th St. Phoenix!  They are now just $20.00!  Look for the big poster that says TEAM EBB or just follow the trail of glitter.  This run benefits Children’s Cancer Network.  CCN is an amazing organization, which Elizabeth was graciously able to be a part of a fundraiser for today at the AZ Biltmore.  She soooo strutted her stuff down the runway today all in the name of Childhood Cancer.  She super duper shined!  She giggled and glittered like no other!  And man did she GLOW!  And Yep that’s me her proud mama in the background WOOOOOING!  Classy I know!  I just couldn’t help it.  SO PROUD!  Here’s the link to view Elizabeth’s runway walk.

A special RAINBOWLICIOUS SHOUT OUT to several beauties for helping brighten a very difficult week.

The Whetstine Family – Rainbow My Room!  So Freakin’ Awesome!  You all rock!

The Patton Family – For those rainbowlicious Mickey Mouse Necklaces and baseball.

Shana Maczuga (this one is way overdue) OMGOODNESS!  Thank you thank you thank you so much for the beautiful hand crocheted rainbow blanket.  It is so beyond beautiful and by far Elizabeth’s favorite.  It is such a piece of art as well as a strong source of comfort on very difficult days.

The Chester Family – BEST EBB Rainbow Cake EVER!

Coach Robyn Kellner & Softball Team – GO TEAM EBB!!!

I know, I have not thanked everyone personally, but seriously we could not make it through the days without all of you!  You are a blessing in so many ways.  LOVE TO YOU ALL!

Comments on: "Stuff you can get for $400 BIG ONES!" (2)

  1. Suzanne Daly said:

    This is so amazing. We are rooting for you Elizabeth! You are beautiful, girl!!

  2. Colleen Howell said:

    Elizabeth is definitely a super star, and I couldn’t be more amazed by her strength and determination, she is gorgeous! SOOOOOOOOO super duper excited about her wish! I had NO IDEA it cost so much for a ticket!

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