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Extravaganzalorious Helpers

Sweet candy cane!  There is some extra special EBB going on up here on the 7th floor tonight!    

Extravaganzalourious!  That’s what the elves say at the North Pole, right?  Well, we received a special letter from the North Pole today.  The letter read as follows…

Dear Bryce, Kate, and Elizabeth,
I need your help tonight to deliver an elf to every boy and girl on the 7th floor.  One toy gets passed out with every elf.  I left a special game and movie for you.  Thank you for elfing.
From: Squirt, Stacy and Santa
(Squirt = our elf at home. Stacy = Elizabeths elf at the hospital and Santa we all know)
Now can you believe along with this letter were 45 boxes containing The Elf on the Shelf as well as 50 or so toys for all the boys and girls on the 7th floor!  Rumor has it that one of Santa’s helpers went to this magically toy store today by the name of Kidstop!  This place is so   SO magical!  They magically had 45 boxes of elves!  The exact magical number needed for each and every kiddo to receive one on the seventh floor!  And in addition to all of this excitement, Kidstop donated 50 plus toys for all the kiddos, as well.  Kidstop is down with EBB!  Well, somehow Santa chose the Blair kids for this task.  As the kids all walked into Elizabeths hospital room, pure and absolute joy filled these beauties!  Bryce had a smile from ear to ear and immediately said, “What’s our mission?”  Kate read the letter and so we were off down the hall!  Bryce, Kate and Elizabeth followed through with what Santa asked them to do.  They delivered those elves one by one.  It brought each and every child to a smile.  I could tell, everyone’s heart fluttered including mine.  Ages 1 to 16, they all LOVED them!  And well, Bryce, Kate and Elizabeth, they are hoping Santa sends them on another special mission tomorrow, too.  The toys are still waiting to be delivered sooooo it looks like another busy night for Santa’s helpers tomorrow!  Beauty comes from within the heart.  That is what EBB is all about.  A special thank you to everyone who came out to support EBB Foundation this past weekend.  A portion of the money from this weekends event was used to make tonight possible as well as make Christmas extra special for one sweet girlie in Pennsylvania who is working really really hard to recover from Mr. C’s Stink, Stank, Stunk!
With extravaganzalorious love,
Santa’s Helpers

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