Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair

Rockin’ Rockstar

Oh my ROCKSTAR!! We once again had a rockin’ amazing week! We got news to make any mommy smile, any girly giggle, and any Taylor fan swizzle. Taylor Swift fans that is!! That’s right, the girls and I got to go to the Taylor Swift concert in true VIP fashion. It was rockin’ amazing how it all went down…

As many of you may know, my rockin’ rockstar kiddos have been raising some rockin’ amounts of money for The Ronan Thompson Foundation. Let me just tell you about beautiful Ronan Thompson. Ronan Thompson is a precious, sweet, innocent three year old boy whose life was devastatingly cut much too short because of childhood cancer. Ronan was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in August of 2010. Almost a year to the day that my sweet Elizabeth was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Ronan’s battle with Neuroblastoma ended in May of 2011 just days before his 4th birthday, but his fight continues on. His mommy, Maya Thompson, has such a beautiful heart and has started a movement to make significant changes in this world with childhood cancer. Through The Ronan Thompson Foundation she is courageously raising awareness for childhood cancer and it’s about to go big! I can rockin’ feel it. Okay, so back to rockin’ Taylor Swiftness. On Tuesday, Maya Thompson received a phone call from Taylor Swifts peeps. Yes, that’s right TS called MT and boom gave her 5 tickets to Friday nights show!! So at that time, Maya decided instead of selling the tickets and making a rockin’ amazing amount of money for The Ronan Thompson Foundation she would reward my rockin’ amazing kids for working so rockin’ hard for childhood cancer awareness! Now for the VIP part, that would be Maya Thompson. She is a rockstar and a VERY IMPORTANT PERSON when it comes to childhood cancer. Her Rockstar Ronan blog has gotten the attention of rockin’ millions! One of which is Taylor Swift. Yep, that’s right to Maya’s unknowingness Ms. Taylor Swift has been reading Maya’s blog for over a year now! So Taylor invited Maya who invited us and that is rockin’ crazy! My girlies and I primped all day. We made frilly, fancy nancy signs that said T Swizzle Rocks and We (heart) T Swizzle. They were glittery and sparkly to say the least. We did nails, make-up, and planned rockin’ outfits. We also wrote a letter to Taylor telling her about Elizabeth. We also got one of E’s rockin’ “Beauty” t-shirts ready as well as one of her rockin’ rainbow bracelets. I must say Bryce was a rockin’ trooper for rockin’ it all day with us girlies. Bryce and his daddy were also going to the concert and had 4 floor tickets in the rockin’ 13th row. So Bryce invited his longtime friend Madelyn and her mom, Megan to come along. Megan and I have been planning Bryce and Maddie’s wedding since they were three months old. So I would say, Bryce kind of had his first date Friday night with parent supervision, of course. Anyways, we got to go backstage and the first person the girls got to meet was Taylor’s Dad. He talked with the girls for awhile and gave them a handful of Taylor’s rockin’ guitar picks to hand out! They were so rockin’ excited! Next we went into the meet and greet room, which was a rockin’ rainbow of colors. Drapes covered the ceiling, shabby chic furniture everywhere, birdcage accents, candid Taylor photos on the walls, and a spread of rockin’ yummy food. Elizabeth and Kate were instantly in love. Then in walks Taylor, “Hi I’m Taylor!” she said so sweetly yet peppy. She is so down to earth. She cried as she spoke of Ronan with Maya. And I cried, too. Her heart aches for this family as well as all the families out there battling childhood cancer. She gets how childhood cancer is devastating families and how things can be so different. I get the feeling she truly wants to help make a difference with it. She spoke with Kate and Elizabeth. They asked her if she had any pets? She said, she was glad they asked because she was thinking about getting a kitten. She asked the girls what color they thought she should get? Kate instantly said, “White!” And Elizabeth agreed! She told them about how 13 was her rockin’ lucky number and how she writes a different song lyric on her arm each night she performs. It was so rockin’ and surreal! We were starstruck! So starstruck we forgot to ask for an autograph! WHAT? My goodness gracious, how did we forget that? We were all just so completely in the rockin’ moment last night that we forgot. It was incredibly perfect watching my girlies so happy. For a moment, I think Elizabeth forgot about the cancer. So come to find out we did not just have rockin’ front row seats, we had three different rockin’ sitting areas. We could come and go in and out of the Pit as we pleased, and of course this was where little Miss Pinkalicious wanted to be the entire night. And I don’t blame her, it was the best rockin’ spot in the arena! We also had actual front row seats to sit in, as well. And finally, Taylor does a few rockin’ songs in the back of the arena, which we had front row seats for, too. During this part of the show she comes off stage and Hi Ho Cherry O, she hugged Kate and then came over to Elizabeth and gave her a rockin’ big cherry colored kiss on the cheek! This was a rockin’ highlight moment!! They were also on the jumbotron screen for everyone to see. It was so rockin’ amazing! E was known as the girl who got the kiss. After the concert as we were walking out, several people asked her if that was Taylor Swift’s lipstick? She replied with, “Yes it is and I’m never washing my cheek again.” She woke up this morning asking if it was still there. We sported our rockin’ Taylor Swift concert t-shirts all day today.

Well, I’m sorry I have been rockin your ear off. It’s just all so exciting. My kiddos had a once in a lifetime opportunity and it was ROCKIN’ ROCKSTAR!

Love you all,
Heidi, Brooke, Bryce, Kate and Elizabeth

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