Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair

Happy Glitter Year

Elizabeth woke up on New Years Eve morning and with a sleepy voice said, “Mama, I had a beautiful dream.” “Wow! You had a beautiful dream? What was it about?” I asked. She said, “Bryce had magical pennies.” “What did he do with the magical pennies? Did he give you one?” She all of a sudden got ticked off and said, “No!” “Well, darn it! I really want a magical penny right now, too.” I said. I would wish for all this stupid cancer to go away for all these beautiful kiddos. I swear these kids are all the sweetest kids I have ever met here on the 7th floor. My heart is so broken. It is so so sad because of beautiful girls like Zesty Zoey, diagnosed at age 17 just days before Christmas with Lymphoma. Zoey is so super duper smart and has a super duper fire inside of her! She told me about how she graduated high school at the age of 15! She agreed with me when I said that was CRAZY! She is going to college until she turns 18 and then she is off to LA to follow her dream to become a professional dancer. She now has to deal with stupid cancer. She has beautiful long red hair that will start falling out anyday, but she assures me that thinking positive is the only thing she can do. There is no other option, she said. She is still planning on following her dreams. TAKE THAT CHILDHOOD CANCER! I can’t stop thinking about young guys like, Duane. Duane is 16 and will so graciously and so patiently play Headbandz with Elizabeth each and every time she comes strolling into the playroom. He gave Elizabeth’s little friend, Trey Meszaros a remote control car for Christmas the other day. Trey thinks “that dude is so freakin’ nice!” TAKE THAT CHILDHOOD CANCER! Then there is my sweet Elizabeth. Yep, we all know her. She’s tough! REALLY TOUGH! Cancer picked the wrong girl! And there is no doubt in my mind that Elizabeth will do something really really great someday because of all of this. SOMETHING REALLY BIG!!! I KNOW IT! GET HER AUTOGRAPH NOW PEOPLE.

It’s no big secret that this has been the yuckiest year of our lives. It sucks that Elizabeth has to even have words like lymphoma, cancer and chemotherapy in her vocabulary at age five! It sucks that she must look me, her mama, in the eyes and say, “I did not ask to be born into this world. Why was I born? I don’t want cancer!” It sucks that there is a floor full of beautiful children with cancer, a floor that continues to stay full. Children are dying from childhood cancer and even more children are being diagnosed everyday. Children like Zoey, Duane and Elizabeth. No matter what your age, no matter what your dreams, no matter if you’re rich or poor, no matter what, not a single child is protected from this awful awful cancer. We, The Blair’s, are DEFINITELY ready for The New Year and welcoming 2012 with open arms even if we had to bring in the New Year in the hospital. But I must say, it was one of the best new years celebrations that we have had! (more about this in a minute) Unfortunately, PCH closed off the hospital to children under the age of 12 the day before New Years Eve. Bryce and Kate spent the night with our fabulous family friends, The Wise’s! They had a great celebration letting off smoke bombs, sparklers, poppers and pizza! And well Chip, Kathy, Nathan and Katelyn surprised us with a super duper stack of cash for EBB Foundation earlier that day after the Fiesta Bowl parade. $515.00 to be exact!!!!!! The Wise’s had the most rockin’ Christmas light display this year! They programmed their Christmas lights to music and collected donations for Elizabeth. I can’t think of a more glitteriffic way to raise money for EBB! Speaking of EBB. The new EBB blog is up and running thanks to my very special friend, Natalie Meszaros! Check it out! www.gotebb.com. Spread the word! Please spread the word! This year and every year from here on out my new years resolution is one to not be broken… Raising childhood cancer awareness. If you haven’t made one or already broke the one you made, start now and do it with me! www.gotebb.com.

You know…
Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair is one of those girls.

Here are Elizabeth’s Top Ten Ways to add a little extra sparkle to your New Year.

10. Mix glitter with your lipgloss and add to lips, eyes, cheeks, and ear lobes. Ohhhh la la! So Glamorous!
9. Buy a pair of shoes that sparkle. And if you can find them in cheetah, that’s even better.
8. Applying a rhinestone by the eye, is soooo Hollywood!! Ask Elizabeth and Lady Gaga.
7. Blinged out jewelry and hospital bands. Elizabeth says, the shinier the better.
6. Add a disco ball to your hospital/bedroom décor.
5. Glitter and glow in the dark nail polish is always a must when painting nails.
4. Eat your vegetables. They make your skin glow. The greener the better. They also kick cancer in the buttcrack, too.
3. Drink lots of sparkling lemonade out of a champagne glass, of course.
2. Jump in a pile of glitter! No kidding!
1. Give from the heart, it makes your heart more beautiful and sparkle super duper bright!

Elizabeth did all of this and more New Years Eve! Elizabeth put on her disco ball earrings, sparkling sunglasses, did mommy and her makeup, and as Daddy carried her, she cruised with her pole on the 7th floor all glittered up handing out shiny necklaces and glow sticks! We had the Jonas Brothers jamming on the ipad singing, We’re the Kids of the Future. We told everyone that there was a party at room 7134. And on Elizabeth’s hospital tray stand, we had sparkling lemonade in fancy champagne glasses with Justin Bieber straws, rainbowlicious sherbert ice cream cones, a cupcake piniata filled with lollipops and maracas, awesome music and, of course, dancing. Yep, DANCING! Probably not as wild and crazy like it would have been without cancer interfering, but I will say we had a circle formed and Elizabeth was in the center! Elizabeth told everyone about her Taylor Swift experience this year (a highlight for sure). She shined! I wrapped up the night with telling everyone how we had hoped to be home for New Years, but that it was awesome that we got to party with all of them instead! It was total awesomeness! Aside from having a magic penny and making cancer disappear from this world, I would not have wanted to spend New Years any other way. We had a beautiful night with beautiful beautiful people! Elizabeth got to return home on New Years Day and waiting in the front yard was a gigantic rainbow of balloons that my friend Kathy and her dad hijacked from the parade the day before. They tied them in our yard for Elizabeth’s homecoming. They were amazing and twice as high as our house. When we pulled in the driveway, Elizabeth got a huge smile! We then cooked up some very lucky pork and sauerkraut and we ate almost every last bite for good luck! We will do anything and everything for luck these days!

Wishing you all a magical New Year where all your beautiful dreams come true and a year full of super duper sparkle and piles of glitter!
Brooke, Heidi, Bryce, Kate and Elizabeth

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