Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair

If you give cancer a cupcake, you are going to need lots of lemonade to go with it.  If you have cupcakes and lemonade, you are going to need some napkins and cups, as well.  Friends will start to tell friends, and a lovely little line will form in the front yard.   If a lovely little line forms, your heart will start to flutter.  When your heart begins to flutter, it will remind you of the day you spent catching butterflies with your children.  This memory will bring a smile to your face.  Just then you will see a butterfly pass over the cupcakes.  Sporting a big smile, you’ll begin to pass them out one by one.   When you pass out the cupcakes one by one, they will be so good, you will have to start passing them out two by two.  As lovely people continue to get in line for this sweetalicious art, they will say how delicious and beautiful they are.  As you take a bite of these beautiful cupcakes it will remind you how beauty comes from the sweetest place in your heart.  And chances are if beauty comes from the sweetest place in your heart, cancer doesn’t stand a chance.  GOT EBB?   

We are home and Elizabeth is moving on into Phase 4!!!!  Inpatient complete and a huge relief in my mind.  She kicked Lymphoma in the knee one more time, this week!  This week has been amazing in so many ways.  A week full of love and joy, hope and light.  This was a week I so desperately needed.  This great big city which so many of us all live, proved to be an amazing, comforting community that I am so proud to be a part of.  We have received so many wonderful and unexpected surprises from as far as Japan!  We have received care packages from strangers.  I have gotten such unforgettable messages from old high school friends I haven’t spoke to since high school.   People everywhere telling me about how Elizabeth’s story is touching and changing their lives.  People raising rainbowlicious amounts of money for a cause that I will never stop fighting for.  I have had beautiful people shed tears for my daughter and tell me they too would do anything to make all of this cancer go away.  I have seen the stars align this week and make some pretty spectacular things happen because there are lots of people starting to get down with EBB.  Yeah, you know me, I’m getting really excited!  You know who’s down with EBB?

Jenny Meyerson and her family are down with EBB!  With Jenny’s permission I would love to share her blog post below.  Jenny is a super duper talented mom and super duper brave cancer survivor.  She has created a life list of things she wants to do.  One of which is, host a cupcake and lemonade stand with the kids.  She was able to mark that off her list this week, but she has said she would like to do it annually.  Many of you have been asking how you can help and be down with EBB.  If you are looking for a great idea, read Jenny’s post.  She walks you through everything you need and with great success!  This little cupcake sale she and her family did raised $1100.00!!  She and her family donated 100% of it to EBB today!!  We would love for you to post all the ways EBB is making a difference in your community!


This is my favorite picture she took.  It’s so EBB!  Jenny was apparently dressed in all black, however it appeared she was dressed in all white.  LOVE IT!!!

Comments on: "If You Give Cancer a Cupcake" (4)

  1. Beautiful!!

  2. Continued prayers from Michigan…..Kathy has spread EBB all this way and we keep the Blairs in our prayers!

  3. Deb Maxwell said:

    Never a day goes by that I don’t think of you all! My prayers continue daily! Give my little love bug a kiss and hug for me! I still remember all of our little cupcakes classes we did together! Will treasure them forever!

  4. The Wahls said:

    So fabulous! The Wahl’s are down with EBB!

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