Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair

Just Rollin’ Along

So for Valentine’s Day, Brooke, Elizabeth and myself all went over to Chamberlain College to join the Bone Marrow Registry.  It was so easy!  Something I may not have been clear about before, is that IT IS FREE to join the registry!  They do accept donations because there is a cost associated with adding new donors of about $100.00, but it is not required in anyway.  We met Aubrie, who is not only one of the local representatives for Be The Match, but also a nine year survivor of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  Brooke and I immediately teared up, as she shared that she is a survivor.  To meet a survivor, brings us to tears.  I know that will be my Elizabeth someday.  We are planning an EBB Roller Skating Day soon (I will post details as soon as I have a date) and I will try to have Be the Match there to register people.  It is literally 4 swabs of your cheek.  No pain, but lots to gain by entering yourself in the registry.  Many of these kiddos need stem cell  (bone marrow) transplants.  They especially need more Hispanic and African American donors in the registry.  You can go to www.bethematch.org to find out more information on bone marrow registry.  It was a very uplifting day.  When the kids got home from school they showed me all of their valentines.  Elizabeth’s teacher Mrs. Beebe stopped by with a special box of Valentine’s for our special little girl, as well.  PURE SWEETNESS are the teachers at Cross Roads Preschool.  Elizabeth will hopefully get to go back to school just in time for the end of the year party.  She misses school so much.  But lately she just hasn’t felt up to doing much of anything except mega munching on everything imaginable.  Yesterday she wanted everything from `ribs at Bobby Q’s to mac n cheese from Boston Market.  She has been snacking on not only chips and salsa but also pizza and guacamole.  She just wants nothing to do with vanilla ice cream or grape anything.   Vanilla used to be her favorite flavor, but steroids have pretty much ruined that one.  She is about halfway done with the steroids and it is going really well.  She is beginning to look like my little chipmunk with all the fluid she is retaining in her cheeks and tummy.  She’s my sweetie.  She is in really good spirits all of the time, lately.  She looks forward to her bath time and walks in the stroller.  Yes, can you believe it!  Walks in the stroller.  I invested in a jogging stroller this week at Hissyfits, our local consignment store.  I thought my stroller days were over.  Unfortunately, I sold them all just before Elizabeth was diagnosed.  Elizabeth really looks forward to the walks outside because her legs are just too weak to walk extended periods of time.  Sometimes we go out several times a day.  She LOVES it!  She falls asleep sometimes, just like the good ole days.  Yep, I remember those days, rollin’ around da neighborhood poppin’s wheelies with the stroller.  E is getting me exercising, which feels so good right now.  I have not taken the time to exercise in so long.  I really miss the peacefulness it brings me.  Although, I wonder if it is considered exercise when you walk a half a mile up the street to Smeeks, the local candy store, to purchase a half a pound of candy and back home?  If you’re using the candy as weights perhaps?  But don’t worry with the way Elizabeth is making me get her and I out running, I’ll be doing half marathons again very soon.  She’s the best personal trainer a gal could ask for.  I’ll add that to her resume along with slaying cancer.  Things EBB is really tough at doing!

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