Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair

Peace Love Rainbows

It has been a VERY busy week.  Where do I even begin?  I know!

Peace  Love  Rainbows



We started the festivities on Friday with a blood transfusion bright and early at clinic, which gave Elizabeth EXTRA SUPER DUPER energy for a Very Rainbowlicious Tea Party with the Chester Girls!  It was the best ROY G BIV Tea Party EVER!!!  The girls wore the fanciest skirts they could find.  Everything was rainbow from the place cards to the creamy rainbow cupcakes.  But, the best surprise of all was…THEY HAVE A RAINBOW ROOM!!!!  This room is the Super Duper Duper BEST!  It is a one of a kind free for all to paint space which those children will absolutely no doubt look back on at their childhood and say, “Remember how awesome that rainbow room was! ”  It has such a Peace, Love, EBB about it.  It is the best space I have EVER SEEN!  Thank you Chester Girls for hosting the most rainbowlicious, magical tea party in history and sharing your rainbow room for the afternoon!

EB (aka Easter Bunny) arrived right on schedule at our house and EBB was the first one to notice and get everyone up at 5:30am!  My favorite part of the day by far!   The kids all found their baskets filled with candy.  Bryce got a sling shot and the girls each got the Moxie Doll with the changeable wigs.  They love them!  Did you hear that Mattel has said they will make a one time production of 10,000 Beautiful and Bald Barbie Dolls and donate them to hospitals across the US?  This is great to hear that the doll is getting made, however, we need to get Mattel to produce more than 10,000 dolls.  This does not even cover the amount of children that will be diagnosed this year with childhood cancer, not to mention the daughters whose Mama’s have cancer or the children dealing with alopecia or even the siblings and friends of these individuals.  You can sign a petition on the Beautiful and Bald Barbie fan page on facebook to try and get Mattel to step things up and sell the doll so that it is available for all children.

So Monday came and…Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to clinic we go…I have been extremely anxious to hear the words “You are cleared for maintenance!”  Before we can hear those words, Elizabeth’s counts have to recover and come back up.  So far, they have just been dropping.  She had an ANC count of 133 this week.  So she pretty much cannot fight any type of infection off right now.  She has received several transfusions over the last week, and luckily they all have gone very smooth.  I have been looking forward to maintenance because I clearly thought this would get a little easier.  But as the doctor handed us 5 new chemo prescriptions to have filled to start on Monday with counts permitting, I was very clearly wrong about anything getting easier.  I have to admit, it was a little discouraging, but when I look back at a year ago, and how we did not realize how sick our little girl was, we have really come along way in a years time, having kicked childhood cancer in the buttcrack for almost 8 months makes me so proud to say ELIZABETH IS IN REMISSION!!!  And our hope for this coming Monday is that she will be cleared for maintenance and we will keep kicking cancer in an even bigger stronger way for many others!


Kate and Elizabeth on Easter one year ago.


My LOVES today!

So there are some really beautiful people I need to thank tonight!  I have had a TON of BEAUTIFUL people lifting me up in so many BEAUTIFUL ways lately!  I have people contacting me about doing fundraisers for EBB often.   It’s amazing and I could not be more excited!    This is only the beginning of the EBB Movement!  I always knew she was special, from the minute she was born.  She is making changes in this world!  But, don’t just watch it happen.  Come and be apart of it!  So…do you remember that Super Duper fundraiser a couple of weeks ago?  The one where Jim Atkins held an acoustical concert at the Cresent Ballroom to benefit EBB!  Well, his lovely wife, Amy brought a check by this week for $5700.00! 


I knew the event was going to be perfect from the minute I walked in, because there right in front of my eyes on the chalkboard behind the bar was a beautiful rainbow! 

Peace  Love  Rainbows


This is so incredibly wonderful and I just want to thank Jim and Amy Atkins for all the beauty you have shown towards EBB and truly letting her life touch your hearts.  So whoop there it is $5700.00 to fight childhood cancer!!! 

Also, I want to send out a special shout out to Gena Seivert for organizing the amazing TEAM EBB for the LoziLu Mud Run a couple weeks ago and on top of it raising an additional $660.00 for EBB Foundation!!!  You SPARKLE with amazing beauty!!!

If you want to get more involved there is another upcoming event to support EBB Foundation today…

Craft & Bake Sale Presented by: GIRL SCOUT TROOP 274

When: Saturday, April 14th 10am-2pm

Where: 831 E. Desert Park Lane (7th St, 2 blocks S. of Northern)

BE there or be square!  Get Down with the EBB Movement

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  1. Suzanne Daly said:

    Wonderful news! Remission is an awesome word!!! Love to you all!

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