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On maintenance she is!  Can I get a “SHE’S HUMMING FABULOUS!”  She did it!  She made counts with flying rainbow colors on Monday and how did she celebrate, you ask?  100% EBB Style!  With a dance dare of course!  For those of you who don’t watch The Ellen Show, a dance dare is when you go up to someone behind their back and start dancing without them knowing.  If they turn around, you stop act like you’re not doing anything.  E and I watch, Ellen, together almost everyday and her favorite part are the Dance Dares.  We laugh and laugh!  So E decided she was so humming fabulous, that she would pull a dance dare on her nurse, Monday at PCH (the video is below).

It was a great celebration as she got ready to go in for one more final chemotherapy treatment in her spine.  Needless to say, Elizabeth is doing great.  She had a little bit of an upset tummy today with fatique but I’m convinced it’s because we demolished a full Oreo ice cream cake to celebrate!  Elizabeth will still continue with chemotherapy treatments at home on a daily basis for the next year and two months, however she will only need to go to the clinic for treatments once a month now instead of once-twice a week.  There is a possibility of getting her port out within the next couple of months, unfortunately that mean no swimming for most of the summer.  As some of you may know, my mom has been in town visiting.  Tonight was super duper special because tonight, “Chickee”, Kate cut her hair.  She has been talking about donating it to locks of love for quite some time and tonight she pulled it back in a ponytail and let her sister cut 11 inches of pure love off just for her!  So Beautiful in So many ways!  It’s been a great couple of days!  Life is HUMMING Fabulous!


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Comments on: "OH YES SHE DID!!!" (3)

  1. Missy Gaspard said:

    Kate looks just like YOU. So pretty and sweet as sugar. GEAUX Elle! So happy she made her counts and things are humming along. I miss you dearly but you aren’t too far away, I carry you in my heart, babe! XOXOXOX

  2. Suzanne Daly said:

    That is amazing! Great news about the treatment, and so generous of Kate to donate her hair! She looks darling with her new hairstyle! Love to you all!

  3. Linda Schrunk said:

    I was just thinking about your sweet girl & your family today. We have been so busy, I apologize for not keeping up with this blog. But I am so glad to see this post! What wonderful news for you all! We are all excited for your future & always wish you love & happiness! Kate, your hair looks beautiful!
    Love, Linda, Brian, Tay, Madi, & Zack

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