Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair

Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Bryce, Kate and Elizabeth,

I know Mother’s Day is a day about telling me how much you love me, but I just could not resist writing this letter tonight, to tell you how much I am the luckiest mommy in this super duper world because I have you.  No words could possibly ever come close to how much I love you.  Cancer has taken away so much in the last nine months, but little did we know it would give us so much more.  I always knew that having more than one child would not ever divide the amount of love that exists within my heart, but only multiple it in a magnitude of ways I could have never known without each of you.  Each one of you brings so much joy to my life in so many amazing ways.

Bryce, your brains are by far what I love to watch at work.  The creative, confident you that continues to grow with so much strength and determination.  9 years ago you gave me the most important job I would ever exist to accomplish in my life and that job would be, Your Mommy.  You constantly amaze me with the way you search for answers and never give up especially when it comes to making a convincing argument.  You are so much like your Daddy.  You know, I love that daddy of yours so much and to watch you grow up and be just like him, makes me smile brighter than the sun itself. You make me the proudest mama alive!

My sweet Kate, I see so much of me in you.  If I could look to the future I know I would see all of my best qualities multiplied by 1,000% in a young lady who is so passionate about showing her love for others.  Watching your heart love is an amazing gift that makes me so incredibly proud each and every single day.  I love that you mimic my every move, my every thought and my every detail.  It tells me how much I mean to you and how much of an impact I have on your precious life.  I have always known you’ve had a heart of gold, Chickee, but over the last nine months, you have blossomed into a heart full of precious diamonds.   When I look at you, I feel like what I am doing is right.  Thank you for reminding me of that everyday.

Elizabeth, I knew from the minute you were born, you had a special purpose on this earth.  I just wish it did not come in the way that it did.  But here you are, making such an impact on this world of ours.  I know this is only the beginning of the greatness you will accomplish in this lifetime.  You have always been my easy-going, free-spirited love bug.  And love bugs you do!  You are the fanciest tom-girl anyone could know.  I love to watch you explore and find all the nature qualities that exist within you.  You are a natural born explorer, adventurer, changer of this world.  The rules don’t apply to you and I love that you pay no attention to them.  You love life and can light up a room within seconds.  Keep fighting baby girl, and I will always be fighting right by your side.

 Happy Mother’s Day to all of the LOVELIEST Mama’s I could ever possibly know!

Comments on: "Happy Mother’s Day" (3)

  1. My beautiful wife you beat us to the punch!

    Bryce, Kate and Elizabeth had this to say after reading your post:
    I love that you wrote that note about us. It is so nice and loving too. I love you because you love me, you take care of me. You are the best mommy in the whole world. You have a beautiful heart. I love that sometimes you make dinner for me. Thank you for being a good mommy and giving back rubs every night. I love you mommy.

    There is nothing greater in this world than to love and be loved. We are all lucky to have you to give ours and to receive yours. With all of our hearts and souls, we love you.

    Happy Mother’s Day, my love.

  2. Aimee Patton said:

    I love your beautiful example of motherhood! Thank you for your “light”!

  3. Suzanne Daly said:

    What a wonderful post today, by both Heidi and then the comments by your Husband and children!

    What I loved most about today was how excited my daughters were to show me how much they love me and I was amazed that to them “it was all about me, their mom”!
    I am overcome with gratitude and emotion that I could be loved so much by two little people. I’m am positive we are doing the most important things in our lives at this
    moment Heidi!

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