Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair

Weekend Update

Dear Team Elizabeth,

There have been a few changes to the schedule in the past few days. Yesterday Elizabeth had a PET scan done in the morning and was back to her room by lunch. Today she is having the port procedure, a spinal tap and a dose of chemotherapy (Methotrexate) administered in the spine.

The results from the PET scan gave the family a few more pieces of the puzzle. Elizabeth has Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. The scan found it in her arms, legs and feet but the organs all looked clear. The results from the procedures today will allow the doctors to give Heidi and Brooke a “Road Map” of the upcoming treatment plan.

In the mean time, Elizabeth has been receiving all your care packages and kind words. The room looks different everyday! It is being filled with decorations and exudes LOVE. There are Get Well Signs, balloons and stuffed animals! Even Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez have made an appearance on the walls! I saw Heidi surveying the room yesterday. She said she had a few things she wanted to add…drapes and crown moulding!

Her mommy said it best, “Elizabeth is an old soul”. She has been so brave. She asks such good questions and is an amazing little patient. Even in the hospital, she is having a dance party with Mommy and doing dance moves with Daddy. Heidi said it felt “normal” last night when the siblings were getting on each others nerves!

Big Sister, Kate, turns 7 on Monday. They have a mini-hospital celebration planned tonight and a Bowling Party planned for her and her friends tomorrow. “It Takes a Village…” has more meaning now than ever. Truly all the mommies and daddies are stepping up to help Heidi and Brooke enjoy the everyday activities of family life too.

Please keep expressing your words of encouragement and love to the family. They are reading the posts/texts/emails/cards even if they haven’t had a chance to respond! Truly, every gesture of support gives the family hope and strength!

A meal schedule has been set up, simply follow the link:

A Facebook page has been set up, simply follow the link:

Much Love,
Elizabeth’s Cheer Squad

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