Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair

Elizabeth’s Update

Dear Team Elizabeth,

Yesterday Elizabeth did an amazing job. She received her port, a spinal tap and a dose of chemotherapy administered in the spine. The result of the spinal tab was clear! The doctor is very encouraged by the strength of Elizabeth and the treatment plan that the team of doctors at PCH mapped out for sweet Elle.

The results of blood work, bone marrow, spinal tap all have been clear and have led Elizabeth to a treatment plan for Non-Hodgkin’s Stage IV Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. Elizabeth will start chemotherapy today via her port and it is promising that Elizabeth may be able to return home in the next week or so. Elizabeth will have weekly chemo treatments for the next month.

The doctor mentioned that due to the chemo Elizabeth’s immune system likely will be compromised so that hospital visitation should be put on hold this week. In the mean time, please keep sending the loving and encouraging care packages, texts, emails, posts as your words Heidi said have made all the difference to the family. Keep them coming…

As Elizabeth was cheering with her Mom as she was prepping for her port procedure:

Rah Rah Ree
Kick Lymphoma in the Eye

Rah Rah Rass
Kick it in Butt!

Much Love,
Elizabeth’s Cheer Squad

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