Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair

Home Sweet Home

Yes, Elizabeth got to go home this afternoon to a very clean home, laundry complete and dinner on the table. Besides the dreaded prednisone ‘yucky medicine’ that tolls on her mind, Elle is in good spirits and very happy to be home with sister, brother, papa, mommy, daddy and Ginger. It was a ‘special’ usual night of barbie time with sister and later watching america’s funniest home videos while eating popcorn with the family. Her wonderful laugh fills the house with joy and we are so glad to be home together tonight.

Also Elizabeth had her first chemo injection today and conquered it like a champ. The nurse and life care specialist could not believe that she did not make a peep when the needle hit the muscle as even most 15yr olds give out a yell. Watch out lymphoma she is one tough cookie!

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