Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair

I got that BOOM BOOM POW

Hi friends!

Well, today was Elizabeth’s 2nd Chemotherapy. Photos will be in the photo gallery soon. Elizabeth is on a supersonic boom and I am glad to report that she continues to kick lymphoma butt! On the way to the clinic this morning she watched Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and finally as we were pulling in she put on the Black Eyed Peas, Boom Boom Pow video on the Ipad. It was like she was psyching herself up for the fight!

Over the weekend, on Saturday, we were not surprised when Elizabeth requested chicken wings for dinner. We thought this was probably not a good idea for her stomach so we decided against letting her fulfill her craving. And of course on Sunday she woke up with some nausea and vomiting which eventually led us to the ER. However, her first words to her Dad were “See I told you, you should have let me have chicken wings for dinner.” After a dose of zofran, a supplement of potassium, some fluids and a new NG tube in place she proceeded to request chicken wings and chips with salsa for dinner, sooooo mom and dad gave in. And today she woke up feeling just fine.

She continues to teach us all something about strength and bravery. Her next chemotherapy will be on Tuesday next week and we know she will give lymphoma another big BOOM BOOM POW!

With much love and gratefulness,
Brooke and Heidi Blair

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