Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair

On Tuesday morning, Elizabeth, woke up in the morning feeling like P Diddy, which I am assuming is cool, cute and courageous. She exemplified excellence in each category as she always does. And around 9:30am Mom returned home from dropping big brother, Bryce and big sister, Kate off at school. As I walked through the door, carrying a Starbucks kids apple juice over ice for Elizabeth, she was all smiles eating Cheetos for breakfast. Yep, that’s right Cheetos for breakfast. Her favorite snack lately and apparently her favorite breakfast, too. (Not very Martha Stewart, huh?) Elizabeth said, “Mommy, someone took our tires!” If you can believe this our Escalade was jacked up on bricks with all four tires stolen in our driveway Tuesday morning. Really? What the heck? If they catch these individuals I would personally like to thank them and and Elizabeth would personally like to spank them for absolutely ignorant actions. Seriously, all I could do was laugh. They caused a hysterical, unfreakin’ believable laugh in me that almost made me pee my pants. So I thank them for the laughing part, but seriously they have some really really bad karma coming. Really bad karma! They have no idea!

Anyways, it was about 10:30am and Elizabeth was no longer feeling like P Diddy. Her speech was starting to slur to the point where I could not understand what she was saying, and the right side of her little bitty body was not working. She couldn’t walk and she couldn’t talk. I called my husband, who called the doctor, who said, CALL 911! Elizabeth was showing signs of a stroke. The fire department arrived at our house within minutes as they monitored her, until the ambulance arrived to take her to PCH. Just as we were leaving, the police showed up at about the same time to take a report on the theft of our tires. WOW! Never a dull moment around here.

We arrived at PCH where they did an emergency MRI. Elizabeth could not get the sleepy medicine because she ate cheetos for breakfast, therefore, she would have to hold really still as they did it awake. I had no doubt she could do it! Daddy had no doubt she could do it! The doctors had not doubt she could do it! And of course, she did it! I never doubt this child for a second. She is so amazing! She is more than cool, more than cute, and so much more than courageous! Words don’t even begin to describe how incredibly strong Elizabeth is. I mean her middle name ain’t Brooklyn for nothin’! So what was initially believed to be a stroke was an uncommon complication with a new chemotherapy she started last week. She was admitted into the intensive care unit at PCH and by 4:00am the next morning she began to regain strength in her right side and her speech slowly started to come back. Her right side woke up and today Elizabeth is doing great. If fact, she is doing so great, she is home from the hospital. I personally feel like I could sleep for three days straight, but she is full of energy and going back to ballet tomorrow. She is so excited and we are so excited for her!

The last time Elizabeth was in the hospital she made a new friend, Mia. Mia also has cancer and Mia’s mommy, well, she is super duper strong! They have been going through this for over a year now. Mia’s mommy, Sandra and I share a mutual friend, which is how we heard about each other. Sandra and Mia came to the hospital to say hello and introduce themselves. Well, can you believe Mia was admitted the day after Elizabeth and in the room directly across the hall this week! Although it’s no fun to be in the hospital, it does make it a little better when you have a friend to spend time with. Elizabeth and Mia had many laughs and good times, they watched videos on the Ipad, Mia’s mommy gave a fantasmic light show with glow sticks in every color (maybe better than the one at Disneyland), they blinged out their hospital bracelets with rhinestones and Mia had the same “Love Heart Glitter” that Elizabeth bought on her shopping spree last week. So of course, I was immediately sent home to retrieve hers and in the morning there was glitter flying everywhere!! You would have thought there were glitter fairies flying around at PCH. Mia definitely helped Elizabeth on so many levels this week. And I hope Elizabeth did the same for her. That’s what friends are for. I know I keep saying this but we are so grateful for everyone’s help and support during this very difficult time. We are sending much love to all our wonderful and amazing friends and family tonight, for helping us on so many levels and well…

Sweet Dreams and I hope all of you wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy,
-Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair

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