Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair

Polka Dot Princess

It has been a busy week for The Blair’s! Boo hoo! We are once again writing from the 7th floor tonight. Although, PCH now has Halloween balloons and decorations for sale in the gift shop, which E and I very much enjoyed looking at and purchasing before being admitted on Friday. They have all sorts of balloons…spooky spiders, wicked witches, perfect pumpkins, wrapped mummies. Well, we rolled on up stylin’ and profilin’ in our super snazzy PCH wheelchair to the register when all of a sudden Elizabeth spotted “POP STAR” magazine! She said, “Mommy can I get that?” “Ummmmm really?” I said sarcastically. “Yes! Justin Bieber is in it!” Never say never, right? “Of course you can!” (secretly I wanted to read it, too. I mean it has his “PRIVATE Vacay Pix!) So I tell the cashier, “We will take one of your mummy Halloween balloons and this…as I place a mountain of items that Elizabeth has talked me into buying from the gift shop (1 green sour straw, 1 rhinestone bedazzled brush, 1 roll of tropical flavored lifesavers, 1 beanie boos black and white Ty kitty keychain, 1 makeup case which contains 12 different colors of “love heart glitter”, 1 ring pop, 1 fuzzy polka dot blankie, 1 small bag of gummy bears, 1 copy of “POP STAR” featuring JB’s “PRIVATE Vacay Pix!” and a Halloween mummy balloon ( oh wait you have Justin Bieber balloons? Never mind about the mummy she wants the JB one) All for a total of around $60.00. But what a 15 minute shopping spree is really worth with my little polka dot princess…PRICELESS.
Polka dot princess, that’s what Dr. Etzel calls her. “She’s always covered in polka dots” he says, “She must really like them!”. Polka dots are described as a fun, child-like, playful pattern. Well then yes, I would say she ‘s a polka dot princess for sure! We ended up admitted again because of a fever we have been battling for sometime now. We are thankful no infection has been found and it is probably due to a side effect that is being caused by one of her chemotherapies. The doctors weigh on the side of caution just in case it is an infection, but we have been fever free all day (probably from playing Don’t Break the Ice with Daddy 100 times today) so we may get to go home tomorrow! To a new home that is..
Did I mention, we moved this week? It was a scheduled move. It was scheduled the same week lymphoma blindsided us and came out of nowhere. It was the same week I was to open the doors to my new shop, Vintage Style. All I have to say is I better not be pregnant! But, WE-ARE-THE-BLAIR’S and nothing, I mean nothing (not even cancer) is going to rock our world! Although the timing is not what we would think of as ideal, we do feel the move has been very good for everyone. God keeps giving us all of these distractions on purpose I think. We are in north central in what we would describe as “a very happy home”. If you bring us dinner you could be so lucky to see it. If you helped us move you already have and we LOVE LOVE LOVE you!!! The dinners have been amazing by the way!! Even from the hospital E asks, “Who is bringing us dinner tonight?” Not only are they so incredibly helpful to me but also Elizabeth so really looks forward to them. So thank you to everyone who has signed up for our the meal delivery! So from Boo Hoo to Woo Hoo! We are sending all of you a big big Woo Hoo for absolutely positively EVERYTHING!

Woo Hoo,
The Blair’s

P.S. Elizabeth got her prize for taking the “Yucky” medicine. It was her own IPad! She loves it! Oh and I’m not pregnant that was just a joke:)

Did I mention, we had to move this week?

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