Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Well, where do I begin? Friday was a very busy day for Elizabeth. It started at PCH for the much anticipated PET scan, which had all of our stomachs in knots! We could hardly bear thinking we would not get results until Monday. We were at the hospital for most of the day. We went home only to return a few hours later with a fever. Darn! At first we thought our thermometer was not working properly due to a false fever reading earlier in the week that landed us in the ER. But after a trip to the pharmacy for a new thermometer we knew we needed to go in. By the time we got there her temperature was almost 103. For children with cancer 100.4 is considered an emergency. It showed signs of concern. Because Elizabeth’s blood counts were so low combined with a high fever she was admitted to the hospital and started on antibiotics. She was also given her first blood transfusion. Many thanks to everyone who has given blood!! Blood is so precious and saves so many lives. I personally never fully understood that until Friday night. If you want to help, donate blood (not specifically for Elizabeth) but for all kiddos that will need it. No matter what your blood type. It was a rough Friday, but the sun will come out tomorrow! And on Saturday morning we received news brighter than the sun itself. Elizabeth’s PET scan results came back and showed ZERO cancer!!! We are crying with so much joy, I can not begin to even describe the feeling. She will continue on her current roadmap because although we do not see the large masses anymore, the doctor says the cancer cells are still there. We could not have asked for better results! The chemotherapy is doing it’s job. We see just how powerful prayer can be! Today, Elizabeth got a very special visit from the pet therapy dog, Annie. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen! Annie was even allowed to climb right up into bed with Elizabeth. She snuggled and cuddled her for 20 whole minutes! She would have snuggled her all day if there wasn’t a floor full of children hoping for the same chance. It was truly therapeutic or as Elizabeth would say super duper! So when you’re stuck with a day that’s gray and lonely. I just stick up my chin and grin and sayyyyyy. The sun will come out tomorrow. And it sure did!
With much much love,
The Blair’s

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