Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair

Don’t Stop Believin’

Hello friends!

It’s hard to believe we are a month into this crazy unpredictable childhood cancer we call Lymphoma. There have been many ups and downs that come with each day, but one thing I’m sure of is “Don’t Stop Believin'”. This was one of the sayings on several shirts sent to me this week by a dear college friend. And it is the truth!!

We thought it would be only fitting to come up with our Top Ten Reasons to Celebrate this Week, which marks one month closer to Elizabeth being Cancer Free! So that’s what we did.

Elizabeth’s Top Ten

#10 Done with the “YUCKY” medicine! Can I get a Whoop Whoop! Well, she is temporarily done. I’m not about to tell her she will take it again in the later months to come). Daddy promised a big reward at the end of 30 days. We will keep you posted…not sure what it will be but something great for the bravest girl I know!

#9 Leaping Lizards! As many of you know, but for those of you who don’t…Elizabeth loves loves loves to catch bugs, slugs and anything really that falls within the insects or slimy reptile category. I am constantly poking air holes in the the tops of spaghetti jar lids for all her living treasures. This week was no exception. Elle has a nightly routine as many kiddos do, and the part she looks forward to the most is saying good night to her not so furry lizard friend, Fuzzy Wuzzy, which appears on the outside of the bathroom window each and almost every night. She can not walk into the bathroom to brush her teeth without looking for him. There have recently been several days and nights that Elizabeth does not have the energy to get out of bed so what is a Daddy to do? He saves the day of course! He found a little lost lizard in our house roaming the hall (probably Fuzzy Wuzzy looking for Elizabeth) because she didn’t show up in the bathroom to tap on the window and say good night. Well, out came the jar, in went the lizard, and all was (as Elizabeth would say) “super duper”. She ordered me outside right away to get some grass, a leaf and a flower. We cut a piece of apple and poured just enough water for the the little guy to be happy for a day or so. She kept him on the table top next to her all day long. Today we decided that her lizard friend needed to go home and so she said her good byes and off he went. And leaping lizards Fuzzy Wuzzy was on the bathroom window tonight!

#8 Triangle Tissue Boxes. Mommy found them at Safeway, they have pictures of ice cream with cherries on top. It’s just one of those little things in life that make you happy. Who knew a triangle tissue box would bring so much joy? Apparently Kleenex did and if they don’t I hope they do now.

#7 Candy Apples for dessert! They were pinkalicious!

#6 Pooping. (And that’s all I have to say about that!)

#5 Guess What? Elizabeth asks us the question, “Guess what?” We respond with “What?” Elizabeth says, “I love you.” Or she will say, “Mommy I can guess what you are thinking.” And I say, “What am I thinking?” And Elizabeth will say, “You are thinking that you love me.” She is so right EVERY TIME!

#4 Midnight Snuggles. They are the absolute very best! With not feeling good comes not wanting to be snuggled a lot of the time, but there was a night this week where all Elizabeth wanted to do was continue to squeeze me all night long! I didn’t get much sleep, but it was well worth it and the best night ever!

#3 Chicken Wings, Spaghetti Tacos and iCarly. Elizabeth finished all 38 episodes of iCarly this week. It’s a lot of TV I know, but whatever gets her through the day. She finished all 38 episodes all the while eating chicken wings (her number one craving) and tonight her special request for Spencer’s famous spaghetti tacos. I will say they are delicious and if you haven’t tried them you should. They are the best!! This is not the first time we have had them for dinner and it won’t be the last.

#2 Clear Spinal Fluid!!! Elizabeth had her 3rd LP this week and the results were CLEAR! We will cheer it again…Rah Rah Ree Kick Lymphoma in the Knee Rah Rah Rass kick Lymphoma in the (other knee).

#1 Midday Naps. This afternoon as I was laying there watching Elizabeth take an afternoon nap she would mumble and then smile, and then mumble some more. As she was sleeping with milky drool running down the side of her mouth she put her hands together and started to say her nightly prayers. I only made out part of it but I almost didn’t believe what I was hearing. It was such a blessing to see this little lady praying to God in her sleep. I know God hears her prayers. And I know he hears your prayers too.

So as I end for tonight I will leave you with Elizabeth’s nightly prayer…

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray to Lord my soul to keep, Angels watch me through the night as I wake in morning light, Amen. God Bless Elizabeth and make her well.

Don’t stop believin’,
Brooke, Heidi, Bryce, Kate and Elizabeth

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