Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair

If life gives you lemons. What do you do? Make lemonade of course and if Elizabeth is involved you add a little bit of live music to go with it. So that is exactly what we did! Lymphoma is like a big, fat, sour lemon (like the ones in our backyard) They are bitter and terrible, but if you add a little sugar and ice and everything nice in the end it turns out to make for a very good pitcher of lemonade and an even better afternoon. On Sunday, Elizabeth finally got to do a much anticipated lemonade stand with sister Kate. Big brother Bryce even decided to get involved and set up shop with his duct tape wallets with every pattern imaginable.

It was the middle of summer and scorching HOT outside. Our girls had a brilliant idea, “Let’s have a lemonade stand!!” Mom and Dad did not think this was such a brilliant idea. “Once the weather cools down” Mom said. “Next weekend” Dad said. “It’s too hot!” We both said. They insisted that a HOT day is the perfect day for lemonade. We were not convinced. Even as Elizabeth sat in her hospital room on the 7th floor at PCH she asked, “Can we do a lemonade stand tomorrow?” Well, she was thrilled yesterday when her perfect day for a lemonade stand finally happened! She helped bake and ice confetti cupcakes, stir up a sweet batch of lemonade and helped create some really colorful signs for her table outside. Not to our surprise, she sold every last drop. But it can’t end there, not if Elizabeth is involved. The neighborhood kids all gathered and decided they would have a live music concert!! Bryce broke out his electric guitar and amplifier, his friend Jules jammed on the drums and all the girls busted a move taking turns singing on the Hannah Montana microphone system. It was VERY entertaining! Elizabeth sat front and center as she was their number one fan. She played freeze dance in her own modified way, laughed at jokes and had a wonderful day full of fun. (Pictures will be posted)

Today was Elizabeth’s 4th chemotherapy at the clinic and she handled it like a veteran. She knows the routine like she has been doing it for years…she walks up, takes her shoes off, steps on the scale, sits down, puts her arm out for her blood pressure, puts her shoes back on and finally follows the nurse to her room. She had to remind me to put numbing cream on her port before we left the house this morning. She asks, “Should I take my Miralax?” Honestly, I don’t know how she does it? I feel like she’s holding my hand through it all and not the other way around. She is amazing and I feel so blessed that God has given me this child. Elizabeth will have her 3rd spinal tap and chemo treatment in her spine next week as well as her 2nd PET scan. We have no doubt she will turn those lemons into lemonade, too.

Finally, we want to send a very special thank you to all of you! Your prayers continue to lift us up and all the wonderful acts of kindness we experience daily. Each and everyone of you have helped turn those lemons in our life into a refreshing glass of lemonade. We are so grateful. We love you and thank you so so much!

Think positive,
Brooke, Heidi, Bryce, Kate and Elizabeth Blair

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