Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair

Hearts of Gold

Click clack snap, those kiddos were little hot tamales tonight!  Maya Thompson and Katie Wilson, owner of Garage Body Shop for Kids did an absolutely amazing job with tonights, Rock the Runway Event benefiting The Ronan Thompson Foundation.  Elizabeth and Kate have been looking forward to it for weeks now.  It inspired me so incredibly much tonight!  I will say my game plan just got a bunch bigger!   So as many of you may know we ended up in the ER with Elizabeth having a Saturday Night Fever.  I wish I were talking about John Travolta and the Bee Gees but unfortunately Elizabeth getting a fever and an ANC of 8 at the same time do not mix well.  E was admitted.  Her ANC count will have to come up to 250 before she can go home.  The fever is gone but her bone marrow has decided to go on vacation.  Maybe to Hawaii?  Gosh, how I wish we were all on a beach somewhere in Hawaii.  Bryce would be building the biggest, bestest sandcastles, Kate would be searching for shiny sea shells to craft necklaces, Elizabeth would be bringing buckets full of crabs back to show off and God knows whatever else her curiosity would help her discover and Mom and Dad would be sipping on some gin and juice.  But we’re not on a beach, we are here in the hospital and Elizabeth is ticked off that she is missing that Fabulous Fashion Show!  I just want to say Natalie Meszaros, I love you and you are my superstar tonight!  My husband and I have not both left Elizabeth’s side since before August 18.  Tonight Nat helped us do just that…My beautiful friend Natalie offered to stay with E at the hospital while Brooke, Bryce and myself went to witness Kate giving cancer a big kick in the buttcrack for her lil’ sis.  When Elizabeth was diagnosed, it sparked something huge in Kate and she was not about to miss a chance to bring awareness to childhood cancer.  Never in her life have I ever seen her more  determined about anything!  Can you picture this…  Kate rocking a rockstar wig with a Rockstar Ronan purple, super duper slick dress accessorized by rainbow colored headphones, a blingy bling belt and t-swizzle writing down her arms which reads Rock Star Ronan.  She looked like a supersonic superstar!  (Baby there’s no other superstar…You know that I’ll be…you’re papa-paparazzi.)  And that is exactly what this mama was trying to be tonight, but not news to me, I’m sorta awful at that, taking photos.  Of course, tonight was no exception.  They all turned out blurry.  Luckily, they had a professional there who knows what she is doing so my husband just decided we better order that cd with all the rockstar pictures.  Well, come to find out that super duper friend of mine, Natalie dressed up with Elizabeth at the hospital and they had there own fashion show on the 7th floor for all the nurses with paparazzi and everything!  Elizabeth had crazy amounts of FUN!!  My heart is so full of love right now!  So many hearts of gold I see.  Hearts of gold dedicated to clicking, clacking and snapping childhood cancer in the (as E would say) BUTT CRACK!  I witnessed awesomeness tonight and it was so paparazzi!
With much love,
Heidi, Brooke, Bryce, Kate, Elizabeth

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