Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair

People Change

My dear wife,

You have been doing all the writing so I decided to write something just for you but I wanted to share it with our family and friends.

You seem to amaze me in a different way every few years.  I know few people know this or would believe it but the first moment you caught my eye there was an aurora upon you that I saw.  Now anyone who knows me realizes that I don’t buy into that kind of well ‘mumbo-jumbo’ but looking back I don’tknow what else to call it.

You were a beautiful shy girl.  Yes, you were quite the shy one at one time while I was the outgoing one in college.  I remember during our first year together seeing some of your early design work and realized that UPitt was not the right place for your talents.  I supported you to follow your dreams though it would take you a thousand miles away from me.  What are the chances of success for two young college kids trying to have a long distance relationship for a year and a half?

Well things certainly changed once you started to live with your very outgoing mother as before I knew it you asked me about working at Hooters.  Yes, I know some people don’t know, but it was big change for a shy small town girl to make.  It was funny though as every time I visited the other girls would tell me you were to nice to be working in a place like that.  There was also another larger change that occurred.  You always called me the smart one but once you found your interests you showed others how talented you really were getting straight A’s.  You were dubbed the next Martha Stewart by your colleagues and I as you showed a rare talent and began to gain confidence in yourself.

After we married you made a sacrifice to move to the desert just part of your selflessness.   Our children came into our lives and gradually you became more outgoing.  You still showed your niceness to others as you befriended all those that you were surrounded by.  I still remember asking you “why are you friends with a certain mother that everyone talks bad about?” and you told me that she was really a nice woman if others got to know her.  That’s one trait that you have never changed and I have never seen in any other person I have ever met.  There is no one that you will pass judgment on without giving them a chance.  But you have also come to realize that not everyone is who they seem to be once you get to know them as well.  Rather than be like your husband and speak your mind, you tend to make the best out of any situation.  Those traits were recognized by other moms and soon you were a leader appointed the board chair for our children’s preschool.

Your trait of ‘make lemonade out of lemons’ has always been with you.  You are no longer a shy girl but a confident, courageous, talented and always caring, beautiful woman that is taking charge with the care of our daughter and about to make significant changes against childhood cancer not just for our children’s sake but for all.  The changes you see in Kate are a reflection of changes I see in you.  Your writing is just another wonderful talent that you have discovered that was always there and I hope that someday will be shared with the world.  You are the most wonderful mother and wife anyone could ever imagine and I love you and our children with all my heart.

People do change but we have done so together as a happily married couple should through the good and the bad.  I look forward to our journey ahead, our daughter’s conquering of cancer and the positive changes that it may bring for each of us and our children.

Though people do change I believe those parts of us are already inside of us waiting to be discovered.  I love you.

Your loving husband,


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