Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair

Mission Accomplished

Dear Cancer,



Well, believe it or not we are still in the hospital. Going on day freakin’ 14 tomorrow. Elizabeth’s counts look like they might be starting to come up. Fingers Crossed. Elizabeth and I have decided they need a karaoke machine and a running track on the roof. What has EBB been up to at PCH? The question should be what has she not been up to at PCH? Elizabeth has been doing everything from a fashion show to music therapy. She has crafted, colored, beaded and even tried breaking out on several occasions and running away to California. But, there was no need because Hollywood came to her. Imagine that? Elizabeth starred in her first movie! It’s a movie for the hospital TV, which showcases all the amenities they have to offer, like that very therapeutic pet therapy. Her role was walking a pet therapy dog down the hall. She looks forward to the dogs more than anything else at the hospital each day. Bettie Davis was thrilled that Elizabeth decided to wear all her cheetah belongings for the film. You know how those dogs love cats. Even when the dogs are not on the floor, they make a special trip up for Elizabeth. Colleen thanks for putting out the word and hooking E up in a big way! You see Elizabeth has gotten herself quite the reputation around here on the 7th floor. They know she LOVES the dogs and she LOVES music. Everyone also knows if they hear music it’s usually coming from her room and that they better come in because…It’s a party on the 7th floor, specifically in our room. We have been having fashion shows and dance parties nightly around here. Well, tonight was a different party. Friday Night TeePee Party. Brooke, my kind and gentle soul of a husband, came up to relieve me for the evening with pizza in tow for him and E. That is our usual Friday night routine at home. PIZZA!! He knows by Friday I am wore out. I cry the entire way home because I hate leaving my Sweet E. I also know, it is for everyone’s goodness that I take a break sometimes. So tonight I stopped and got a pizza from Streets of New York to take home, as well. Can you believe this…The manager said, “Your husband was just in to pick up a pizza.” I said “I know” and that he was sharing his with our daughter at the hospital who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Can you believe what he did? He gave me that pizza for free! So not necessary at all, but I love seeing EBB! He’s got EBB. I came home and I got to spend some much over due time with Bryce and Kate. Bryce had one of his best buds, come home from school with him today. Bryce and his buddy got off the bus this afternoon, but where was Kate? Oh dear Lord, please find this child, RIGHT NOW!!! Luckily, Brooke was just leaving home as the babysitter came inside to tell him that Kate had not been on the bus. He hopped in his car and raced over to the old bus stop. He called me on his way and I called the transportation department. I all of a sudden feel like I’m in the movie Mission Impossible. Doot Doot Doot Doot Doot Doot DananananaaaaaaaaaNA-NA Yep, Kate took the wrong bus home from school. The bus numbers changed this week. She forgot and rode the old bus number of her current bus, but was now luckily the new number of her old bus. Brooke quickly followed his gut and MISSION ACCOMPLISHED He found Kate. Another prime example of how Kate is becoming more strong and courageous by the day. So tonight Daddy and Elizabeth teepeed (as in toilet papered) the 7th floor! The nurses all thought she got “punked” According to Daddy, they had a TP (totally perfect) evening. Bryce has been asking to go teepeeing for a few weeks now, so tonight was the much anticipated night. First stop, The Kasovac’s. “Oh gosh, they are outside! Abort Mission.” Next, we drove to The Cagle’s. Oh my toilet paper, we got them good! Next stop, The Lemke’s. Oh my toilet paper, we got them really good, too! Kids still want to do more so we drive to The Bruggers’s. BUSTED!!! James joins in and Stephanie hops in the front seat and we roll along with China singing “Calling All the Monsters” jamming on the radio. Back to The Kasovac’s. Coast is finally clear, Oh my toilet paper, got them good… oh wait, BUSTED again. They decide to join in, so I now have James, TJ, Bryce, Mitchell, Preston and Kate all in the car ready to teepee. Thank God for Stephanie tonight keeping “beep” in order in the back of that bus of mine. She was making sure seat belts were buckled and playing paparazzi. Well, we were off to our final stop of the night, just after we make a quick stop at the local Circle K for some more toilet paper. I don’t even want to know what that gal was thinking when I bought them completely out of all their toilet paper tonight. Final stop, The McDermotts. Oh my toilet paper… BUSTED AGAIN! They were awesomeness though and let the kiddos finish the job. Another MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Heading home we decided to drive thru at Mary Coyles for some I scream, you scream, we all scream, for you guessed it, ice cream! Stephanie said, “Are you going to let them eat it in your car?” “Yep I sure am. We have plenty of toilet paper laying on the ground to catch any drips.” I returned all the kiddos home safe and sound, and well, the night was so completely, absolutely, totally, EBB. P.S. To all the families we OMTP (oh my toilet papered) tonight. Feel free to return the favor anytime. Toilet Paper Welcome.

Mission accomplished,

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