Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair

Merrylicious Christmas

Merrylicious Christmas Everyone! Elizabeth is home and doing great! My Christmas Wish has officially been granted. Elizabeth was released to come home from the hospital this past Saturday afternoon! With minor complications, Elizabeth conquered her chemo like a champ. She took a little longer to rid the chemo from her body, which in turn left mouth sores throughout her mouth as well as her esophagus. She lost her voice for a few days, which is a big deal for a little girl who LOVES to sing all day long. And honestly, I love listening to her sing all day long. Elizabeth has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard in a five year old. I did not realize this until she came home from Valley Youth Theatre Summer Camp singing Little Boy Blue, this past summer. I was floored at the beauty of her voice and it is now my favorite request of her. In addition to losing her voice, Elizabeth also suffered minor mucositis and vomiting. But once again she continues to prove her strength and tonight Elizabeth is roller skating circles around the coffee table with big sister, Kate. We are looking forward to Christmas and Grandma Gee Gee’s visit from Florida. Elizabeth also casually and confidently informed us the other night at the dinner table that “Santa is bringing me a puppy, ya know.” “WOW! He didn’t clear that gift through me.” I said. “Well, he is.” as she rock-n-rolled her eyes at me. Hummm stay tuned for Christmas mornings report. We are also doing a secret Santa here at our house. So far the kids have all told who they have. Apparently, Kate has Elizabeth and Elizabeth has Kate. Bryce thinks I have him, but do I? Bryce has me and well I think you can figure out the rest. We are all looking forward (especially Kate) to daddy’s chocolate chip waffles with vanilla ice cream for breakfast on Christmas morning. I have also heard of a very special family serving Christmas dinner at the Ronald McDonald House this Christmas, too. I find this beyond amazing and so truly EBB! Way to go Howell Family! I hope that it makes your Christmas day that much extra special in a truly Merrylicious way! Love to you all!

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