Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair

Meet Rainbow

I hope everyone had the most Merrylicious Christmas. We certainly did here! And the most prized gift from Santa by all three kiddos is our new addition to the Blair household…Rainbow Beauty Blair. She is our new, sweet and most rainbowlicious maltipoo puppy, which wondered down the hall Christmas morning as the kids finished opening their presents. Elizabeth just started to say, “This is the best Christmas ever, even though I didn’t get my pup….” Just then a Christmas miracle happened as she spotted a tan furry fluff ball prancing down the hallway. Elizabeth didn’t say a word as she made eye contact and ran over and picked up what appeared to be a mini ewok straight from Star Wars. All the kids then began to follow in disbelief saying “oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I can’t believe we got a puppy!” Kate cried with overwhelming amounts of love for her sister, not because they all got a new puppy, but because, Elizabeth’s Christmas wish came true. That chickee is such a sweetheart! Bryce rolled over in his new rockin’ rollerskates with excitement, Daddy video recorded the entire thing and I was snapping pictures, crying along with Kate. Bryce, Kate and Elizabeth all then agreed on her name within minutes of her arrival and there you have it, another Christmas miracle! Elizabeth carries her everywhere and refuses to share, but will be admitted tomorrow for her next round of chemotherapy so she will have no choice but to leave her brother and sister in charge of Rainbow’s care. I’m sure they will do an excellent job. We will hopefully be home before New Years, but if not you can bet Elizabeth’s room will be hosting the biggest count down to the new year in PCH history. I have the disco ball packed and the horns and confetti ready. We can hardly wait for 2012. We welcome it with flying rainbow colors and can not wait to see all the rainbowliciousness that is in store.

Cheers to the ROYGBIV,
The Blair’s



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