Elizabeth Brooklyn Blair


I’m telling you, people.  Everyday we wake up is another blessing.  Follow your dreams and don’t let anyone stop you.  Never say never.

-Justin Bieber


OH BABY Baby Baby Oh, we had such a great doctors appointment today!  I am CATCHING FEELINGS that EBB is doing so much better these last couple of weeks and we could do jumping jacks ALL AROUND THE WORLD with our excitement.  “Cancer, we will TAKE YOU down!”  To make a long story short, Elizabeth has been fighting to get over a cold since April.  Her body just did not have what it needed to fight it.  At the same time she developed this cold, she also developed a tic (as in a sudden and uncontrollable movement in her head and neck, which she described as “having trouble breathing”)  It progressively got worse over the summer and we were at a point where we needed to see a neurologist.  After many specialists it was recommended that Elizabeth have what is called an IVIG infusion.  An IVIG (Intravenous immunoglobulin) infusion is basically antibodies taken from the plasma of over one thousand blood donors and infused into her body.  There are anaphylactic reactions or fever that can possibly occur, which made it scary, but we knew she would BE ALRIGHT and that we just needed to BELIEVE.  She is the BEAUTY AND THE BEAT of our hearts and she continues to stand RIGHT HERE showing and proving to everyone her strength and determination!  Her infusion went great and after a five month cold she is finally getting healthy and starting to feel better!  Her tics are starting to subside and all just in time for…


 Have you figured it out yet?  JUSTIN BIEBER!  Oh My Bieber Fever!  How did Justin know to open his “Believe” Tour right here in Arizona with his number one fan, EBB?  And during September of all months!  September – Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!  Goldalicious gold is the color to represent childhood cancer awareness.  This month we have been sporting gold jewelry, gold nail polish, gold ribbons, gold shoes basically gold everything everyday.  Guess who else likes to wear gold sneakers?  You guessed it, Justin Bieber of course!  The only difference is we have a designer look for a can of gold spray paint budget.


I wonder if he knows that we celebrated his 18th birthday this year with a yummy chocolate cake and 18% off all merchandise at my little bitty boutique that no longer exist because we are kicking childhood cancer in the buttcrack 24/7!  I wonder if he knows our babysitter got a speeding ticket listening to BOYFRIEND on the radio driving home from California last month?  I wonder if he knows even our dog, Rainbow, has Bieber Fever?  I wonder if he knows he made a guest appearance at our house on super bowl Sunday this year or occasionally visits the hospital rooms of amazing children on the seventh floor at Phoenix Children’s Hospital?  We don’t want to DIE IN YOUR ARMS Justin.  We want to fight to save the lives of so many children holding onto hope with the help of your arms.  The THOUGHT OF YOU makes us smile and all you do for these kids!  On the seventh floor at PCH I once asked all the kiddos in the playroom including a little girl by the name of MARIA, what their Make-A-Wish would be?  99% of them said to meet Justin Bieber.  From the moment Elizabeth was diagnosed with childhood cancer and feeling like SHE DON’T LIKE THE LIGHTS, she decided that she would only open her eyes for two things, spaghetti tacos and your video NEVER SAY NEVER.  I wear that charm on my wrist everyday as a reminder to never give up on this fight.  And as many times as we FALL, we will continue to pick ourselves back up because AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME, you will give us strength to keep fighting.  We may just be an OUT OF TOWN GIRL, to you but here in Phoenix, Arizona, we are most definitely your number one fans!  We wrote a super duper song that combines our two passions, you and fighting childhood cancer.  We hope it goes viral, we hope everyone shares it, we hope you love it and we really hope it spreads like crazy on this hook like a whirlwind.

Swaggie with love,


I know a really brave kid

I’ll never let them go

They can show you beauty

You ain’t never seen before

Baby, take a chance

Or you’ll never ever know

I got money in my hands

That I’d really like to blow

Give give give, to who?

Childhood cancer is the rende-vous

I don’t know why you wouldn’t

But I know why you should

So Say hello to a cure in

Three, two, swag

I’d like to be cancer free

Hey world, Let me talk to you

If we cure kids cancer

Children wouldn’t die

I could have my hair back

And kids wouldn’t say good-bye

I can be a brave kid

Anything you want

 Let’s cure childhood cancer

and kick it in the butt

Let’s kick it in the butt

I’ll Tell you what it’s like yeah,

I’ll Tell you so you know

It’s a Terrifying nightmare

Being Pricked and probed

I don’t ever wanna die yeah,

You already know

Gold make you shine bright

Then you tie it in a bow

Hero Hero you could be my Hero

You could be my hero

Until the w-w-world ends

Make me dance

do a spin and A twirl and

Spread it like crazy

On this hook like a whirlwind


I’d like to be cancer free

Hey World, Let me talk to you

If we cure kids cancer

Children wouldn’t die

I could have my hair back

And we wouldn’t say good bye

I can be a brave kid

Anything you want

Let’s cure childhood cancer

And kick it in the butt

Let’s kick it in the butt

So give me a chance

Cause you’re all I need yeah

Help spread the word about childhood cancer

Just so you know

One in Five will Die

I just want you to love and treat me right

And Never let me go

It’s the biggest nightmare

Being pricked and probed

I can be a brave kid

Anything you want

Let’s cure childhood cancer

And kick it in the butt

Let’s kick it in the butt

Nananananana Hey World

nananana Let’s cure childhood cancer

Nanannanana Hey world


Let’s cure childhood cancer!

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